You Can Always Stand

LINAK is a proud manufacturer and supplier of electric linear actuators. If you are interested in improved ergonomics by purchasing a sit-stand desk or need technical support with your desk, please contact the desk manufacturer directly.

Office environments differ greatly, but the demands they place on the human body are the same. We were not meant to sit in one position all day. Like most other animals, our bodies were made to move.

In today's automated world, it is not easy to get the amount of movement our bodies require. Many of us sit nearly motionless for more than 15 hours a day — in the car, at work and at home. Height adjustable desks have been developed as a solution to help us feel good and keep moving throughout the day.

Propelled by LINAK® electric actuators, a height adjustable desk allows you to choose a position that is right for you, any time of the day, no matter the task. Push a button and make a move.

Find your new personal standing coach — choose between the LINAK Wellness Switch and the LINAK Desk Control™ Software