Company Advantages

When you decide to incorporate adjustable desks in your office environment, both the company and employees will experience a number of advantages. These advantages all stem from the possibility of changing position during the workday.

Accomodate Diversity

Adjustable desks allow companies to fit the workspace to a variety of people including those in the 5th and 95th percentile as well as those with disabilities and back problems. 

Flexible Workspace

Add an element of flexibility to employees' workspace. They can have a meeting at their desks and view the screen without straining. As an added bonus, when employees stand they can keep meetings and interruptions shorter.

Real Estate Optimisation

Make the most of your space. Adjustable desks are ideal for "hoteling" (unassigned work areas), desk sharing/multi-shift and revolving work forces. You can also free up overbooked meeting rooms by scheduling stand-up-at-desk meetings.

Reduce MSD Injuries and Claims

Fitting the workstation to your individual needs can reduce the causes of work-related stress. When employees alternate between sitting and standing, they have a better chance of avoiding problems caused by static postures.

Return on Investment

When you invest in electric sit-stand desks for your employees, you reap big returns. Employees are happier, healthier and more productive, which translates into cost-savings and an improved working environment.